dVerse Ekphrastic Poem


Seems that While We’re Alive

Our holidays include the dead.
Visiting parents, gone.
Family members, gone.
Dutiful. We pay respects.
We bring flowers that wilt
and die as if mimicking us.
We’re highly compostable.

My in-laws are resting beside
a white-washed stucco church
built in the 14th century.
They’re buried next to each other,
box and laurel privets dividing
them from next door’s bones.
Even in death, we are territorial.

And then there’s my father.
His ashes were spilled like milk
into an icy mountain stream.
My sister kept a few grams
of his ashes; made him into
a necklace. A few years later,
that necklace joined my mum’s
ashes behind a marble slab.

I’ve been blessed to know love.
I’ve been blessed to be loved.



for dVerse Poets, an Ekphrastic form Poem based on an image by Mary Frances.

©️ Misky 2019

15 responses to “dVerse Ekphrastic Poem”

  1. His ashes were spilled like milk
    into an icy mountain stream.

    What an evocative image. This is a real goose-bumper. I love the way you capture the sense that the image is disappearing into the leaves.

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  2. “I’ve been blessed to know love.
    I’ve been blessed to be loved.”

    Despite everything, in the end. love is what matters. This is an amazing tribute, Misky. One of your finest and that’s saying something.


    1. Awwww. Thanks, Debi.


  3. AH! Thank you for sharing this. Blessed to be loved as well, and to know you!


  4. I like the conclusion with the sense of blessing in remembering these family members.

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  5. I think we visit these places to remember the love we shared with family members.

    The ending says it all…love is eternal…

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    1. We don’t stop loving a person when they die. We keep loving them.


  6. I love how you go back to the living in the end… it’s the memory that matters most, not how you’re buried…

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  7. This is a very engaging piece Misky, taking us throughl life and death. You leave us in a beautiful place with the two closing lines

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  8. I like the observance that we are territorial even in death.

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