for dVerse Quadrille #80

There’s a Dead Rat in the Attic

so says Carla, the TV-aerial-man,
though I swear she’s a man.
Says it’s mummified,not recent.
Carla-the-man thanks me
for the coffee while I tip
sugar into eggs.
I’m making cake.

If I were a violin, I’d crave music;
I crave rich, dense cake.



for dVerse Poets Quadrille: 44 words
(excluding the title, and including the word “rich”)

9 responses to “for dVerse Quadrille #80”

  1. As soon as I read the title I started humming ‘There’s a rat in the kitchen, what am I gonna do?’ I’d love a TV-aerial man called Carla, although it does put me mind of Cheers – Carla had some of the best lines. When I moved into a house in the wilds of Ireland, I found mummified mice in the airing cupboard. We’d had rats in the previous house and I really wasn’t up to facing any more, not with a baby, so the mice were a nice change. I bet Carla would have loved some cake! I wonder if s/he played the violin. Your quadrille has given me and ear worm and several mind worms, Misky!

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  2. I LOVE the every-dayness of this! The stream-of-conscious writing of this….a rat in the attic, the tv man, and the preference for cake! Yep….I can see that all happening in a day! 🙂

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