for Twiglet #126

We’re On the Old Road to Spokane

I’m 10.
It’s a Saturday morning.
Before the worst of the heat sets in,
and turns the I-90 into peanut butter.
By noon, the road shines like ice.
Dad says it’s a mirage.
I say it’s water.
Mom says she has a sick headache.
My sister’s sitting where the sun
pours through the car window.
Her hair is tangled in trickling sweat.

No one dares to ask,
Are we there yet?


for twiglet #126 “Shining like Ice

16 responses to “for Twiglet #126”

  1. I can’t hear the word “Spokane” without thinking of the intense performance poet in “The Marvellous Mrs Maisel”. I have no idea where it is, actually, must look it up. Regardless, I think we’ve all done that journey. And we make our kids do it now. We love a road trip. That’s what we tell ourselves, anyway.

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  2. This is wonderfully vivid! It brought back many memories of road trips 🙂 tangled hair and trickling sweat indeed.. it’s like this here in May! ❤️

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