dVerse Elements

An Elemental Trough

My mother
filled me with yin,
metal from my father.
He tasted sweet.
I taste sour.

Universal soft as a dark shadow.
in a depression,
I am the trough of a wave.

My mother gave me earth.
I feel her in the spring
as the cold soil turns.
Elemental wood.
I am their branch.
And their lily.

I am cheered
by my own dark shadow.
It’s my yin.
Spill me over with purples
and blues. Breathe in my reds.
Beware of my black.

It is a trough.
My trough.



for dVerse Elements. According the Chinese horoscope I am a metal rabbit, yin wood is my element. I am yin.

14 responses to “dVerse Elements”

  1. Most of these prompt poems have celebrated the self, illuminating our positive qualities. I admire how you didn’t just stick to that side of you but said, humbly, ” I am the trough of a wave.” Perhaps that is the strength of yin, to look at oneself wholly and to be at peace with what you see.

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