for Wednesday’s Muse & dVerse



This mirror grows old.
A mirage of flaked silver.
Flecked specks of questioning
looks where time shines.

Some fine young woman
of centuries ago looks back
at herself, looks to change
her past. Looks to the future.

And now it’s mine. It hangs
on the wall. Catches the late
afternoon sun. Reflects through
the stair rails. Down the hall.

I look into this old mirror,
an antique. It and me.

for Wednesday Muse and dVerse Poets. This week’s prompt:
explore the Japanese art of Kintsugi and dVerse theories.

20 responses to “for Wednesday’s Muse & dVerse”

  1. Beautiful, as is your soul! My mirror experiences are far less poetic, and more Edgar Allen Poe-sh. Shriek! Who is that grayish creature? Oh. Me. Deep sigh. 🙂


  2. Ah yes……the mirror shows it’s age in its spotted reflective glass and perhaps in the image of you and me as we stand there, the umpteenth time over many many years….well, there are those liver spots on our hands and arms that seem to have been slowly evolving just like the spots on the mirror’s sheen.
    Love this post!
    PS the lesson I always remember is the value of an antique….it is a true treasure to hold and to still be.


  3. Oh. . .lovely! It’s a reflection on reflections. I love the tying of past and present together in the object of a mirror. I like to think it has memories of all the reflections it’s held.
    Apologies for just getting to reading. It’s been a crazy few days for me.

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