for dVerse Quadrille and Twiglet #125

Don’t Recall His Name But I Remember

Him. Up there,
sitting on the school bleachers,

king of it all,
lean as James Dean

slipped in-between day dreams.
Him, buttoned into blue jeans,

tight white t-shirt, and
hair slick as a snail’s streak.

He didn’t see me wearing my
pink poodle skirt.



for dVerse Quadrille #79 “Up” and Twiglet #125 “A Snail’s Slick”

12 responses to “for dVerse Quadrille and Twiglet #125”

  1. I found out late what the meaning of a DA in regards to men’s hair style of that time stood for. Slick as a snail’s streak could be another interpretation.
    DA by the way stood for (as far as I know anyway) a Ducks Posterior… As in Arse. Lots of grease and ‘Brill Cream’ then 🙂 Now we’ve got men wearing buns… But I suppose that’s also a repeat as the Asian Samurai did that hair style long ago 😉


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