Day 28

Found Poetry from source: “Flowers In The Attic”
by VC Andrews (pg 80-81 iBook version).

The miserly moon is up there,
swinging on a rope,
catching the sky.
We leave the windows
open so stars fly in.

Life is nothing that
sandpaper can’t smooth.


for PA’s Writers’ Digest PAD, Day 28 Remix

Childs’ Play

We are

We happied away
the hours, crosslegged,
our troubles little
soap bubbles,
soaring away.

Then summer.
Our blood was thinner,
a quicksand of doubts
that heaven might
be bribed.


Cento (Found Poetry) Source: “Flowers In The Attic” by VC Andrews, pg 230-238


©️ Misky 2019

2 responses to “Day 28”

  1. Some memories are worth remembering…
    But to think that heaven could be bribed?
    I suppose everything and everyone has their price…


    1. It’s Found Poetry; you never know what pops out of someone else’s creativity. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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