dVerse Quadrille #78

Cold Redux. Cold

her shadow
was a mimic,
watched her
with summer blue eyes,
like wind racing
paper flora
and fauna.

in this house, tonight.
she has
risen from
waxen white
into raw smallness.
hers was to live
in a hard
blue ice.


dVerse Quadrille #78 Rise

14 responses to “dVerse Quadrille #78”

  1. I love the atmosphere in this poem, Misky, starting with that cold, cold title. I also love the mimic shadow, the rustling sound of ‘paper flora / and fauna’ and, the lines:
    ‘risen from
    waxen white
    into raw smallness’.

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    • And there’s the beauty of poetry. It can be meaningless to one person, confusing to another, and full of meaning for someone else. I wanted it to feel dark, and brittle, and icy. I think what you felt in it, is the direction I was heading. I’m pleased.


  2. I like the mystery of it and the darkness is palpable with your chilly phrases. I especially like….
    “she has
    risen from
    waxen white
    into raw smallness”


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