Day 11

Found Poetry from source: “Flowers In The Attic”
by VC Andrews (pg 32 iBook version).


And finally
into that ripe old age,
we squeezed into poverty.

We’re left alone,
none of this is ours.

is a strange voice.

for PA’s Writers’ Digest PAD, Day 11 “Dedication”

The Colour of Dreams

Not so long ago, although I was still young enough to be fascinated
by an ant making its way across the 2nd floor window ….

I touched a dream.
It was voile, and
delicate, and fragile.
All along the edges

it was sunshine
to keep in a box.
The colour of lemons.
It was a Sunday colour.

for Wednesday Muse, “Rain”


April rain is clarity.
It’s a pink fold on the margins.
A remembered depth.
A remembered ice-stillness
that lingers in vain.

©️ Misky 2019

4 responses to “Day 11”

  1. Love all of these Misky! I especially love the idea of sunshine being the color of Sunday. Beautiful thoughts here in your poetry!


  2. Oh, these are each so beautiful. I especially love sunshine in a box……and am living the one about old age squeezed into poverty…….smiles. I havent read you before but have heard of you. Very happy to have crossed paths.

    Liked by 1 person

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