Day 9

Found Poetry from source: “Flowers In The Attic”
by VC Andrews (pg 27 iBook version).


A shadow rolled in
as spring passed.

Stretching thin
and flat as hair.

Days are fading away.
Forgotten kisses
still alive
at the door.

We pretended to find
in a knothole.


for PA’s Writers’ Digest PAD, Day 9 Two4Love


I love her chatter
and how she smells of pure white soap.
I love the way her lose bracelets
chime like bells, and how she
sweeps the room with her smile.

I sit on the back porch, watch her play,
and pray she never wants for anything.

In No Particular Order

I have no love for
orange eyes, or
panicked birds inside
my house, or
angry parents, or
flared nostrils,
or hot wind,
or guns,
and thorns,
and rats, or
cowards and fools
with their


©️ Misky 2019

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