for dVerse and Sunday Whirl

Alone with Trees

Walk. I walk with my thoughts, wild. Wild
as wind, pebble-sharp. Chipped. And I think,

Repent. Repent. I drink in loneliness of air,
and wonder how I’ve come to love despair



This week’s Sunday Whirl #387 words are:
walk, knees, despair, world, love, pebbles,
wild, air, lonely, calls, trees, repenting

for Sunday Whirl #387 and dVerse, a Confessional Poem form. A note: This is not autobiographical. This is in response to a writing prompt. No one need ring for the emergency services.

7 responses to “for dVerse and Sunday Whirl”

  1. Laughing. A lovely poem. I hear Mary Oliver passed away and this reminds a bit of one of our poems where she was also walking just because.

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  2. Oh, how wonderful. So much in so few words. Such tangible, tastable melancholy here. Love.


  3. Yes!!! Wonderful!!

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  4. Beautifully simple but sad that you didn’t show us your knees.

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