For Wordle #385

Man o’ Manischewitz

There’s a man, thinks he’s invisible
but he’s not; he’s just blind.
Not a beggar, not a tramp, either.
He lives under the railroad trestle.

And by night he stores his right eye
in his pocket, slips it back into its
socket by day. Gets a kick out of
telling people it’s a pingpong ball.

I sees it all, he says,
it’s prophecy, it’s a gift.

He cleans that eyeball in drink, prefers
Manischewitz, cleans his teeth in it too,
and then drinks it all down. A single gulp.
Barely a month goes by when he doesn’t gulp
down his eyeball. But he just waits it out.


This weeks Sunday Whirl words: barely, beg, invisible,
drink, slip, pocket, text, eyes, prophecy, store, clean, kicks

4 responses to “For Wordle #385”

  1. I would’ve wanted to use an outright swearword but: f*** it this is good. The best one for the or of the new year I read.

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    1. LOL! Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! This is amazing, Misk. It felt like you were telling someone on the street about this man. Love it!


  3. i enjoy playing with prompts and word prompts , and reading these!


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