Twiglet #94


Before we were steps, we were stones.
Still. Stones. We carried feet and
lemon bitter song,
flourished in the dark,
sturdy as the sun. We carried skin
and bones, and hopes and faith,
and a cold candle’s haze.
Still. Steps. Laid out flat.
Overgrown. We are returned to stone.

for Twiglet #94

10 responses to “Twiglet #94”

  1. Killer! (except for the title)

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    1. I can’t get my head around a title at the moment, and I can’t keep my Mac running long enough to do anything with it. Not easy mucking about with an iPad on WordPress. (hissing at the screen…)


      1. I’m bundling two laptops to visit the genius bar. New experience. Just have to keep myself from buying a new mb pro (which I cannot afford) while in the magic world.


          1. I want a new chair, replacing my recliner. It kills my back. Going to do a little furniture shopping while at the mall.


            1. Happy shopping! 🛒


    2. How does “Stone” strike you?


  2. I love this Misky, especially ‘Still. Stones. We carried feet and lemon bitter song’ 💜

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  3. There was a very different hierarchy to those steep steps.
    I think some magic may still be emanating from those structures.

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