Carry Me “Quickly”


Casually Smart

Fine and grand as sky,
my new woolly jumper.

Should carry me through
fashionable transparency.

What to wear,
when and where.

Racks and row,
a blizzard of clothes.

I left you a voicemail –
I’ll bring dessert, but
what is smart casual?


Miz Quickly’s Carry Me prompt. Image unSplash

6 responses to “Carry Me “Quickly””

  1. I recognise that blizzard of clothes! Drifts in my room regularly…

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  2. Ha! So much fun, Misky! All the party attire descriptors baffle me these days.

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  3. Delightful ‘carry’!

    I remember reading somewhere that the head CEO of a business only buys one kind of trouser and one type of top – for everyday where so he doesn’t have to waste time on decisions about what to wear.

    Not being terribly fashion conscious I also do not have that problem…


    1. oops where should have been ‘wear’…


    2. Obama and Steve Jobs both. I’m sure there’s more.

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  4. Smartly casual means absolutely nothing comprehensible to me. Good one, Misk.

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