Miz Quickly’s Name Game

The Name Game

Dad called me Jack,
called my mother Egghead.
He called my sister Robin,
but that was her name.



for Miz Quickly’s “What’s in a Name

4 responses to “Miz Quickly’s Name Game”

  1. I can relate to that. I had nicknames, such as “shrimp”. Can you tell I’m short? My son was called “backstroke” cause his last name is Swim and my youngest daughter wanted to be called “Pippin” after the Bull’s basketball star. Names, huh?


    1. My sister considered it an insult that Dad didn’t have a nick name for her, whereas my mum, whose name is Aleph, hissed when Dad called her Egghead. He called me Jack because he’d go through a string of M names before finally landing on mine. Jack was easier. Pippin is cute; it’s a variety of apple too.

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  2. Daddy called me “Bobbie.” Could have been worse.

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    1. I like that name, b. I rather liked Jack, too.


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