Three Thoughts on a Saturday Afternoon

Three Thoughts on a Saturday Afternoon

As seen from
Those folds and rolls

Of clouds that skate
The sky, a slate puzzle

Fitted and tucked
Jigged and jointed

Like words strung
Into long sentences

Into a bridge from
This horizon to where,

I am your audience.


[inspired by dVerse “Solstice Couplets” and Red Wolf Prompt #409 ]

Blue. Maroon. Black. White. White. Red brake lights and a speed camera. A sign: imagination ahead.

Long as a line, this flight
Over maps. Over mountains
And plains. Over cities
And farms. All too often,
Personal stories have
No narrative voice.

5 responses to “Three Thoughts on a Saturday Afternoon”

    1. I’ve submitted a version of the first one to Irene. Haven’t sent anything to her in a while.


  1. I love those sentences made into poems…


  2. I love looking up to those clouds ~ These lines stand out for me”

    Of clouds that skate
    The sky, a slate puzzle


  3. I like what comes to us as its audience comes from the horizon. Interesting last two lines about personal stories having no narrative voice. It makes sense, though. We just talk and not about ourselves.

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