Quadrille #53

Goodnight Sweet Girl

I’ll tell you how on the night my aunt died,
she was tucked tight and laid straight below
crispy sheets, sheets white as her tight thin skin,
and how her night nurse sat beside her bed,
held her hand, as if fragile as eggshells.



for dVerse’s Quadrille #53

10 responses to “Quadrille #53”

  1. I like how you described the nurse holding her hand.

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  2. Beautiful sad imagery. May we all have a hand to hold.

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  3. A tender, fragile image, Misky, which brought a tear to my eye. The ‘sheets white as her tight thin skin’ are like egg white in contrast to her hands ‘fragile as eggshells’. So effective.

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    1. Thanks so much for reading it and commenting, Kim.

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  4. Gentle imagery with such impact. Lovely.


  5. Such a sweet poem.


  6. A vivid and memorable image….so delicately painted with love.


  7. There is something with death and eggshells that go together… a very tender poem

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