Wordle #344

Fill Me

There’s a drum
in my heart,
but no tune.
Fill me
play me
like music,
give birth
to mischievous
shadows, silky
as truth’s soul.
Play me like
broken notes,
in flats,
in sharps,
like scales,
and veils
of falling rain.
Fill the air and
saturate my heart.



Sunday Whirl words: saturate, sharp, music, rain, silky, dish, broken, veils, soul, truth, birth, shadows

4 responses to “Wordle #344”

  1. yep, toast and jam

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  2. I wonder where or when was the tune lost?

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  3. nice use of the words – and I like the image, as well.


  4. Stellar post–words and image ring within.

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