Twiglet #59


She collects white feathers
in the garden, scolds bees
as they steal nectar
from purple clover.

She keeps cookie crumbs
in her pockets, ketchup stains
on her favourite dress.
One shoe’s always untied,

she’s not sure
how to re-tie it,
hair clips hang loose
in her long black curls,

those curls are from her
other grandmother,
not me, and she feels my
every smile. She’s music.

She’s the future.



Twiglet #59 “future folk”

7 responses to “Twiglet #59”

  1. Oh, how fantastic. I LOVE her. I love you. Just too beautiful.


    1. Luisa is still in her Mum’s tummy but she’ll fall into our lives in March. I love how 3D scans and videos are so vivid that I feel like I already know her.


    1. Delighted. Thank you.

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  2. She has to be delightful!

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  3. Oh, those future folk sure do change lives

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  4. I can see quite a bit of family reflected in my grands too.


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