Twiglet #54

Brass-Knuckle Rain

Not that I understand
such things as water.
Water, like a
spill on petals, a
rip and razored rain.
It’s a dark ask
of the sun.


for Twiglet #54 “Water Water

5 responses to “Twiglet #54”

  1. Gah. Misky, I do believe this might be my all-time favorite of yours, from title to ending. And that is saying much, as I LOVE your work, your voice. There is just too much language to love here. That title. “rip and razored rain”…and the confession that water is too much to contain, in brain or otherwise. This begs to be read aloud…repeatedly…sung. Goodness.


    1. LOL! Thank you. But. But. Are you on caffeine again?


  2. Absolute perfect. This is just yummy


  3. Love that ‘rip and razored rain’!


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