dVerse Haibun Monday

The bird bath is frozen, and the house stares out on a silvery fog. Crows on the hop. On the lawn. Pepper on white. Onyx on the hop. They argue. They joke. It’s a caw a caw — it’s a stabbing incantation as their beaks seek small creatures hidden in the soil, hidden like deep secrets, deep as nameless sleep. They’re on the hunt for a hallows moon feast. But morning has come, light’s envoy slips in with a slow cut, slipping in tangles through bare oaks, and snagging on the brambles. Morning speaks to sleep’s last sinew, and I listen as the world unfolds into the kindness of music.

Icy as diamonds
Thoughts on the edge of something
Summer’s forgotten



dVerse Monday Haibun

12 responses to “dVerse Haibun Monday”

  1. I love early mornings best and when blended with the kindness of music, that must be a wondrous world unfolding ~ Love the crow photo and icy as diamonds haiku ~


  2. I apologize for getting to your submission so late. I lost internet (!) yesterday during the prompt and just got it back sometime early this morning. I love crows. this is an excellent haibun and haiku.

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