Twiglet #43

The Colour of Air

It smells of cow, he says, and
I tell him that’s because this
is old farm land. Cows and pigs.
And we watch the evening sky
lose its draping Sussex blue,
the air folding into thick hints
of pink — my reckoning, it’s a few
centuries worth of urine rising up
from the ground. Makes everything
look like an old photograph, and
smell like my Great Aunt Eunice.



Twiglet #43 “More Than Blue”. Image is from The Kitchens Garden, and used with permission. ps: I don’t have a Great Aunt Eunice.

One response to “Twiglet #43”

  1. Ah…you many not have a great aunt Eunice….but I know that smell!
    Oft an attempt at masking it with baby powder…
    And the smell of cow and pig country… I think I shall look at the sky above farms differently now. 🙂

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