Visuals for Miz Quickly



He’s lost his mind to her
legs up to there. Their
hands misbehaving.
They’re toggled on hot.
A stuffed crust pepperoni.

And she sits on his lap,
on his boney knees, hands
up her curtains,
and he whines,
Oh come on, baby. Please.


Prompted: Miz Q Does Visual Stuff

Image I.

6 responses to “Visuals for Miz Quickly”

  1. “They’re toggled on hot.
    A stuffed crust pepperoni”

    That is fantastic!

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  2. Hands up her curtains. Ha. I can almost hear her reply…Great fun.

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  3. My favorite line: “up her curtains,”
    hadn’t heard that expression before. 😉

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    1. Curtains are in the image so I just shuffled things around a bit.

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      1. Still a very cool line. I was also thinking of a spoof that Carol Burnett did concerning Scarlett O’Hara of ‘Gone with the Wind.’

        There are longer versions…but this will do.

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