Twiglet #39

Brittle Courage

There’s a snake under the porch.
It’s smooth and black as bitumen,
and I mutter encouragement,
“go away, go away” I say ……

it seems stupid-calm compared
to my brittle courage, and
my heart thumps in my ears.


Twiglet #39

8 responses to “Twiglet #39”

  1. Love your ‘encouragement’! 😂😂 Vivid poem, I felt like I was right there too with my heart thumping.

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  2. Let sleeping snakes lie. I am so afraid of snakes.

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  3. So good. Works for real fears. Works for the ones that are less visual ones, too, that never go away.

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    1. As a kid I’d go stiff as a rod when I saw a snake. Not keen at all. Now it’s unexpected noises that can unnerve me.


  4. Ooh! Nice. I like “brittle courage”.

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  5. I can feel this, at my core. Even though I love snakes. 😉


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