dVerse Quadrille #37

He Dreams of Gin

When he dreams of gin,
he takes this, not
that road. This fork,
not that one. Claims
that despair’s his wisdom —
he’s no damned fool.
Blasphemy is vanity’s prayer,
he says. This man fears
his dying sounds.
He sleeps with rats.
He dreams of gin.


dVerse’s Quadrille #37: 44 words (excluding the title)

10 responses to “dVerse Quadrille #37”

  1. oh my ….. so few words (44) and you’ve drawn the picture and feelings of this homeless man so very well. The last two lines … their briefness and their staccato reading (at least when I read them) fit the sense of this. Well done!

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  2. I loved “Claims that despair’s his wisdom.” Powerfully illustrated!


  3. Delicate treatment of a tough subject. Despair is all of our wisdom if we will see it.

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  4. very sad but so true for the lives of those who succumb to alcoholism.

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  5. Alcohol has taken so many to the abyss of despair. Well written.

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  6. There is such an undertone of sadness in this poem that I find to be beautifully written and touching.


    1. Thanks, Victoria. I really enjoy dverse Mondays.


  7. Wow. He dreams of gin – or MD20/20 or whatever will stupefy him. such a sad yet telling poem.

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  8. I liked the line: “Blasphemy is vanity’s prayer”, and describing his fear as his dying sounds.

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  9. An intense poem! Excellently done.

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