Twiglet #31

The Small Of It


Vinegar keeps
shells from cracking
but broken eggs
are just small mistakes.


Vinegar kept the shells
from cracking but we still
have to peel them.

Twiglet #31

3 responses to “Twiglet #31”

  1. Ha, I never considered that point of view. funny

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  2. There is so much advice on eggs…good, bad, brown, white, -how to cook and peel ’em.
    I just saw this tip: Take and nuke your eggshells for three minutes (I guess you could boil them too) to get out any germs… then crush the shells and put them around your garden plants to help keep slugs away. The calcium is supposed to be good for some plants too.


  3. I love the two sides of this poem. Reads sharply, like vinegar.


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