Haibun #40: Summer

Lemonade Daze

That particular summer was endlessly hot. The sun withered my sister and me into fragility, splayed us in a reach for breezes as we sheltered in dark corners. We  whined when mum insisted we go outside and play. “You two act like you’re afflicted, struck by some serious brain condition.” So we stalked shade under trees and hid away in its depths until the sun fell into the horizon. And mum would greet us on the porch with two tall aluminium tumblers, shiny metallic purple and sweating beads of cold condensation, and lemonade never tasted as good as it did that particularly hot summer.

Clouds tattoo the sky
Summer is an older soul
of shade and madness

dVerse’s Haibun #40

10 responses to “Haibun #40: Summer”

  1. Wonderful memories. The haiku at the end is stellar.

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  2. I suppose it can get too hot even for children to want to be outside. I liked clouds tattooing the sky.

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  3. a cold lemonade drink on a summer shade — cool.

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  4. I bet it tasted amazing. I love you stalking the shade, I can picture it so well.

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  5. How I remember those tall aluminum tumblers in bright colors. It seemed everyone’s mother had a set. Thanks for the memories!

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  6. I really love the last line of the haiku… shade and madness… really good.

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  7. Ah, the memories of summer… and cool refreshment after the sweltering heat! Nice haibun; nice haiku!


  8. Very vivid, the brain-killing heat and the savior mom with cold lemonade. I also liked the haiku, it echoed the above prose well.


  9. lemonade never tasted as good as
    it did that particularly hot summer

    How lovely and refreshing when one gets what one desire from the love of one’s Mum! A Mum has a way of knowing!



  10. Lemonade for sure tastes yummy and cold in summer ~ Love your haiku that summer is an older soul ~

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