Twiglet #29


This is the London Bridge service,
a recorded announcement.

Sorry. excuse me.
a girl with a daisy chain tattoo takes
the window seat. She’s talking on her phone.

from Brighton
the announcement continues

I’m bloody annoyed too. I’m not his substitute,
says the girl.
She looks out the window.

De l’eau s’il vous plait
Two women take the seats opposite.
Tanned. Lean. French.

I’m free. Make the best of it.
a good time, July is better
the girl sitting next to me says

C’est un petit événement

and then we’ll go to Jamie’s,
meet there. Yeah, last year

Avez-vous la carte?
She looks through her bag ….

tonight might be best. I’m

Tickets please.
he conductor stands over me.

This piece is made of “found” overheard conversation during a train journey to London this week.


for Twiglet #29 “because it is”

5 responses to “Twiglet #29”

  1. You make a train ride sound so exotic

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I love train journeys.


  2. I like the found piece. Do me a favor: Use your explanation (minus the first sentence) as another poem. Gets to the essence of that feeling of off-kilter. You’re perfectly fine in your own terms, but the universe seems to speak French. (I only have to hear French to feel clunky.)


    1. I’ll give it a twirl after dinner. Thanks.


  3. These conversations made an interesting poem, Misk!

    Liked by 1 person

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