dVerse Does Lai

A Bear’s Picnic

Our hike ended here.
Sun risen. Sky clear.
Twigs snapped
as we walked in fear
of grizzly bears near.
In fact
we could overhear
growls — oh dear,
bear tracks!



for dVerse Poets. Poetic form: Lai. aab/aab/aab/ a=5 syllables and b=2 syllables

11 responses to “dVerse Does Lai”

  1. It could have been me… 🙂 I leave Bear tracks.


    1. Yes, but do you growl?



  2. Careful of those bear tracks ~

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  3. Yikes! Like the bear, I’d be making tracks myself!

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  4. Yikes! Well written, but you went for my personal phobia. Sweaty palming through the poem. Let’s see… emotional response from the reader… yep, it’s effective!

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  5. Fun, though a bit scary, Misky. We have had bears visit our West Reno neighborhood in the foothills during the drought. When development encroaches on their habitat, it’s to be expected.


    1. BTW. sorry to be late to visit. I was offline for a couple of days.So glad you shared.

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      1. I was late posting. Life has its own ideas lately.

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        1. You got that right! Still glad you joined and that I forgot to put a closing date on Mr. Linky!

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  6. The lai of the grizzly bears. Time to head back.

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