for dVerse Sanity


His voice
was a harmonic vibrator.

I’ll start at the beginning, he said,
and I thought, Oh, no, please don’t.

But he did.

So I listened —
but only to the first three words
after each intake of his breath.

for dVerse: Poems to Save Your Life (or Sanity)

10 responses to “for dVerse Sanity”

  1. Ha ha! On the trail of the wild bore! Much said (infused) in few words. Nicely done.

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  2. I tune things out as well. Like speed hearing.

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    1. Yep, that’s the ticket.

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  3. I find that if I avoid this type of person, they always find me in the end, so tuning out is perhaps the best policy! Great title, Misky, and I love the description of his voice as a ‘harmonic vibrator”!


  4. I love this.


  5. I think this type of person will just keep talking… maybe in the end he will come to the important point.

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  6. An empty man, filled only with himself. Best to avoid!


  7. Sometimes listening only to the first 3 words is the only way to cope. I really try to stay away from the talkers. They exhaust me.


  8. Ah, the incessant talker….the human harmonica whose words just keep sliding up and down like the mouth on the harmonica. LOVE this! And yep — sometimes our only recourse is to “spot listen.” 🙂 Great post!

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