dVerse’d Limericks


There was bricklayer from Surrey
who mistook ice cream flurry
for mortar, and as the sun shone
and he talked on his phone,
the mortar melted in a hurry.


dVerse Does Limericks

17 responses to “dVerse’d Limericks”

  1. Adorable, the imagery here 🙂


  2. Very nice nonsense. I’d probably be eating the mortar. It made me wonder if that house Hansel and Gretel found in the forest had ice cream in it.


    1. One does wonder!

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  3. Yummy mortar. Another fun one.

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  4. Ah, wotta waste of perfectly good ice cream! Very clever!

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  5. At least it didn’t attract ants! Amusing and whimsical words.

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  6. Wow, I wonder what happened when his ice cream settled in his tummy. Be hard to pass that treat. Very funny.

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  7. Cute — interesting break in the flow

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  8. Great take on the prompt! At first I was hungry for ice cream 😉

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  9. I think I might know him, Misky!

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  10. A Londoner working as porter
    was mixing his ice-cream and mortar
    so when he got sick
    his feces were bricks
    but his house is the best in the quarter

    Had to turn it around a bit.

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  11. Lovely bit of humour here!

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  12. Hmmm. I think I’ve seen that contractor’s work. Fun!


    1. Hope he didn’t have a whole bucket of flurry! Funny…


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