Wordle #292 & Haibun #33

Those Early Years

I am 60 years more than I was then, inhaling life, and out in the middle of nowhere. We fled the city for the shadows in foothills, camping under soothing stars and between the wide feet of trees. We toasted bread with licks from open flames. Made velvety stew, thick and sweetened with red peppers – they added heat, a hint of Hungarian smoke; it warmed like a love for sunshine. And all through those dense summer months and long green days, we walked in wildness.

dark green lives in shadows
and icy white river paths —
the years are washed away

Sunday Whirl wordle words: cask, foothills, velvety, stew, red, sweet, adds, smoke, touch, sunshine, months, long — and dVerse Haibun Monday #33 “a feast”

4 responses to “Wordle #292 & Haibun #33”

  1. I like. One thing: in the first line of the haiku, is it lives or lives? Noun or verb?


    1. My head says verb. Suggestion?


      1. Don’t know. That’s a problem with English and these short forms. You could mess things up trying to give it context, or you could change the word, or you could decide you meant it both ways in the first place.

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        1. Might leave it ambiguous just for annoyance sake.

          Liked by 1 person

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