Twiglet #16 “those grapevines”

Rooted in Density

He misread erratic
for erotic. He read on
and on, told himself,
“just wait for it – wait for it”
but erotic never came,
and now he stands
over those grapevines,
waiting for them
to grow him some wine.
“just wait for it – wait for it”
he whines. Next he’ll be
weatherproofing clouds
because that’s what he does –
he just waits for it.



written for Twiglet #16 “those grapevines”. This took on its own direction. I was originally thinking of Napa Valley when I wrote “those grapevines”, but this ended up in a place far, far away. New Twiglets are posted every Tuesday at The Twiglets. Join us for a bit of no-pressure fun.

16 responses to “Twiglet #16 “those grapevines””

  1. The way I interpret the first part of this poem is someone is reading something and is continually disappointed, but he or she keeps reading anyway. I guess the solution is to stop waiting, in this case stop reading. In the case of grapes, waiting seems appropriate. In the case of “weatherproofing clouds” because all he does is waits puzzles me.

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  2. Reminds me of my Dad…he should rest. Not so much a patient man for some things. And he’d read what ever he wanted into everything…
    (Thanks again for another fun prompt.)


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