dVerse Gardens

Acer Maple

And So It Seems

The leaves are still falling,
caught inside a whip of wind,
and I can’t recall such stillness,
the quietness of a churchyard.
And the sky’s so blue, the ground
in shades of yawning amber
and maple scarlet — which seems
unmatched in this light and shade,
all those leaves floating slow
and sure, called out to play
in a gust of wind. Summer memories
tossed, airborne, and now grounded,
this damp spot, fallen at my feet.



written for dVerse Poets: “Gardens”

13 responses to “dVerse Gardens”

  1. The sens of stillness in the falling leaves… love that… just like I could love a perfect storm


  2. This is stunning…not sure yet of connection to “garden” but a beautiful image.


  3. beautiful memories indeed.


  4. Very nicely written 🙂


  5. It’s funny.. i used
    to be almost afraid of
    fall with seasonal affective
    now it
    that was
    simply a
    disorder of
    living in a school
    and work cave during the day..
    now that Summer doesn’t seem
    to end in Fall in Florida in the
    U.S. of A.. i look forward to
    never before..
    death is resting
    for life i find now..
    i suppose a dead garden
    is better than no garden at all..
    as long
    as A
    sun finds
    a way to shine inside..
    and i have to admit
    both dance and
    song seem
    to generate
    that more
    no matter season or spring..
    and sorry to run on but the nice
    customer service lady now says when
    i dance in public going on three years now..
    at the same SW store town heRe.. i bRing SpRing
    with me year ’round no matter what it looks like
    outside.. and that my friend after living in hell IS A
    Real miracle from 66 months in that other place..
    ’cause hell
    iSreal too..
    i feel
    as Heaven
    more too..
    A Garden of Dance
    and SonG as LovE..:)


  6. I just love the “yawning amber!” The whole poem is wonderful.


  7. So timely for the autumn season. I specially admire this part:

    shades of yawning amber
    and maple scarlet


  8. painting the core with colours was nice 🙂

    a stillness felt… nice poem!


  9. love the image of the autumn leaves as summer memories 🙂

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  10. I like the summer garden blanketed in a quilt of amber and scarlet as it goes to sleep with dreams of green growing things in a sky of blue.


  11. Laura Bloomsbury avatar
    Laura Bloomsbury

    I like the movement of the meter and the stillness between the lines!


  12. Rosemary Nissen-Wade avatar
    Rosemary Nissen-Wade



  13. Misky, this is gorgeous, gentle and evocative! I can just see those leaves ‘caught inside a whip of wind’ and the ‘shades of yawning amber / and maple scarlet’. And those final lines took my breath away:
    ‘… Summer memories
    tossed, airborne, and now grounded,
    this damp spot, fallen at my feet.’

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