Homonyms for dVerse


New Sums

His wry smile. He knew
what he’d make from
wheat and rye.
Bread and brandy,
and some
whiskey and rye.


for dVerse: Homonyms

8 responses to “Homonyms for dVerse”

  1. Well done! A grand sum.


  2. Oh, you clever, pithy girl. 🙂


  3. Ah — away from the bar for a bit and just catching up! I’ll take the bread, and the whiskey and rye. Quite well done! Smiling I am 🙂


  4. Love that you were able to do this in so few words! Fun.


  5. A full meal for many.


  6. Food and drink – in ink- by him -for all 😀 😀


  7. That’s what you need… really got American Pie in the back of my head now.


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