✓ For dVerse: Quadrille #7


Wishes in a Pocket

I have a charm in my coat pocket —
I play it like a game. An old coin
with a cross one side and a queen’s head,
a bolt-head smoother than my luck,
but I am happy for a twist of time
to intercede.



Written for dVerse Poets: Quadrille (44 words) . This is part of a poem written for the Found Poetry Review using translation method and replacing some words with the “sounds-like” phrases. The original source poem is written by F O’Hara “Lunch Poems”

14 responses to “✓ For dVerse: Quadrille #7”

  1. That’s a lovely charm…and yes to the twist of time
    to intercede.

    Thanks for playing along Misky ~

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    1. A bit late, but it’s difficult to keep up with all the prompts during April!


  2. Beautiful, Misky. Charmed, I’m sure. 😉


  3. This is beautiful…


  4. A twist in time … love it! I call it the slipstream.

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  5. Found poetry is so fun–amazing what you can glean from the work of another. Nicely done with this one.

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    1. I love Found poetry

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  6. Oh I love to have such a charm… I’m almost tempted to say I’m charmed

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  7. This reminds me of when we did Erasure Poetry at dVerse some time ago…a type of Found poetry I believe. It’s quite an interesting style and I think yours is delightful, Misky.

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    1. Thank you. Remix is my favourite type of Found poetry.

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  8. Oh, I do like that charm. One never know which way fate will twist.


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