for Go Dog Go Cafe: A Haibun

girl dark hair, 20-something.

Once upon a time, she didn’t look like she does. She’s old skin now. Once she had a jawline. A chin traceable with a finger. And all her teeth (two of which now belong to her credit card). She was wide-eyed, clear-headed, and bright as a split star. Both eyelids blinked at the same time, not one lingering half open. Owls are allowed that sort of look. Her hair was black as boot polish. Posture pillar-straight. Time slows a girl by drops. Time hums at ones shadow. Who she was is behind a frame now, a camera clicks clicks clicks. It was her wedding day. An ivy arch in the backyard, and flowers of no particular name.

Like the heart of time
Shrugs off wind at the window
It’s very small comfort

for Go Dog Go Cafe Haibun Wednesday (include backyard). ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter. Photo: me early 20s. .

14 responses to “for Go Dog Go Cafe: A Haibun”

  1. Tick, tick, tick, Misk. Well-told. Thanks

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  2. omg those eyes look so innocent!


    1. I might’ve been ever so slightly tipsy.

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      1. Dutch Courage? Know the feeling!

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  3. Excellent Misky, I really enjoyed this piece on time and it’s slow effects! 😁😊👏 These lines stood out to me in particular: “Time slows a girl by drops. Time hums at ones shadow. Who she was is behind a frame now…” 😁

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  4. You’re welcome 😁👍


  5. So beautiful

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  6. Very lovely. You are beautiful! Such porcelain skin. My fave part of the writing is the haiku. Spectacular. But, like Ken, I also like the lines from “Time slows a girl…”


    1. One day I might recycle that haiku! 😂 and thanks for the lovely compliment. It feels like a long time ago.

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  7. Beautiful piece Misky…time does pass, doesn’t it!

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