04.03.22 First Daffodil Opened

04.03.22 First Daffodil Opened

The Rain Has Gone

. . . see the daffodils,
morning light shining through them.

And there it is.

Bright as an egg yolk.
The colour of ripe wheat.

El Dorado.

Daffodils are cherubs.
Spring lambs.

A child’s bright face.
Tell us a story! Tell us a story!

It’s a colour somewhere between
a blossom and a breeze.

Yellow was always my colour.

It’s the one thing that always

The photo is my own, taken this morning in the garden. It’s the first daffodil of 2022, and it appeared 2-weeks later than last year. ©Misky 2022 Shared with #amwriting on Twitter

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