Day 11: GoDogGo Café and JusJoJan

                assuming the water is poisoned

A sardonic rat sits on
a stone. Watching me.
Eyes like flames
and shrieking murder.
Wolfish rat, who eats
a poisoned apple,
inwardly grinning at his pleasure.
Foolish rat, soon sleeping
deep in rooted red poppies.
Your chance for a life
crossed into our
cosmopolitan sympathies.

Written for GoDogGo Café. A Book called “Today a Woman Went Mad in the Supermarket” – Constraint: The title of a book is included in the title or the body of your poem, and JusJoJan’s word “Cosmopolitan”. ©Misky 2022. Shared with #amwriting #jusjojan #GoDOGGoCafe  #GreatReadsPromptChallenge

10 responses to “Day 11: GoDogGo Café and JusJoJan”

  1. Love this poem and drawing 💜

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    1. Thank you very much.


  2. We used to poison the rats in our woodshed in France. A neccessary evil, I hate killing animals, so this rang very true. 😊

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    1. Except that we don’t use apples. We bait traps, and the county rat catcher halls them away. It’s the local farms and fields that keep them in the area. We’re encroaching on them, I reckon, but I can’t have rats sunning themselves in the garden!

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      1. You know what James Cagney wouild have said! 🤣

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        1. 😂😂 You dirty, double-crossing rat.

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          1. 🤣 That’s the one!


  3. thought provoking given the coarsening of our world

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