A Stroll and a Bitch

four Victorian woman ca. 1875

A Stroll and A Bitch

It’s back to the Victorian era.
We meet up with friends
for a “Covid-safe” stroll and
a bitch about everything.

I’m singing at a funeral tomorrow,
she says, and can you believe it,

my kid is 2-years old today.
Two years locked down with a baby.

I can’t breathe if I think about it.
Nobody watched me before – but now,
I’m watched all the time, she says.

I smile,
sympathetic friend that I am.

I baked bread this morning,
I tell her,

      and it sounds so lame
      that I nearly limp.

Going off-piste without a prompt. Image is from Public Domain Review Four Victorian Witches ca 1875.©Misky 2021 Shared with #apoemaday on Twitter

11 responses to “A Stroll and a Bitch”

  1. Really like the last two lines

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    1. Thanks, b. The photo gave me such a chuckle.


    2. that’s what I was going to write too! 😀

      this is a very wry poem, Misky.


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  2. Two years locked down with a baby brings home what we’ve all been going through lately. My 93 year old aunt keeps telling me it is worse than the war.


    1. I think your auntie is right.

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  3. This is powerful, Misky. Simple observations really bringing home the pandemic. And a brilliant ending couplet.

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    1. Thanks, Worms. ❤️

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  4. Ah, yes; the all-consuming Nothing. Bake on, Sister.

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    1. If our paths don’t cross before then, happy Christmas to you, Ron.


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