11 August: One Line on Wednesday

image from Unsplash. no restrictions.

Mum said I was born on a Wednesday, although she doesn’t remember any of it; she was given some sledge hammer sedative, and says she pities women who have to stay awake through all that.

Written for One Liner Wednesday . Image is from Unsplash. #1LinerWeds Shared with #APoemADay #1LinerWeds on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

8 responses to “11 August: One Line on Wednesday”

  1. one-perfect-liner, M

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  2. I was born Friday lunchtime. The one thing I remember my mum telling me was that they made her skip lunch because she was in labour with me!

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    1. Hunger pangs , and contractions!

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      1. Hunger pangs don’t really sound incompatible with anything, toi me! I popped out for a Burger King during our birth. During a boring bit. I had to keep my strength up. 🤣

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