Time, Picnics and Blizzards

my own photo taken at a pub in the New Forest. ©️Misky

Time is laid out like a picnic – Margaret Atwood “Salt”

Sometimes, Time Is A Blizzard
                    (which is why you won’t see any punctuation in this one)

our old clock
ticks a bit slower
then it might
yet the day
still slips from
this room to the next

The Image is my own, first published by Unsplash, and taken at a pub in a New Forest. Shared with #APoemADay on Twitter   ©Misky 2021

3 responses to “Time, Picnics and Blizzards”

  1. The image and poem reminds me of the old film Brief Encounter filmed at Carnforth.

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    1. … now that you mention it. Yes.

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      1. 👍…both showing a certain age!


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