dVerse Prosery #7

She never sleeps on her back. Her wings, you know, her wings.

Curves in a Sparrow’s Voice

Bedlam’s silencing her sawtooth edges, her bark and howl, but it can’t bend curves into a sparrow’s voice that’s cracked and shattered like bird seed. Listen to the wind against the windows, rattling like loose teeth. Wind blowing trumpets. Wind with no eternal rest. No rest for this woman, delusional, they say. She likes sex – with women. Bedlam under the bedsheets, say they. At night she moans like a cow screaming across the arroyo. Crazed, they say, so she waits in Bedlam for a small white house with hot dusty air. Watches from rattling windows at white crosses on the ground. They topple over in the wind like paper boats on a river. Her heart is a paper boat – afloat. She longs for her sparrow’s carved voice, and those thighs. She longs for the woman she loves. She’s crazed – they say.



©️ Misky 2019. This recalls Bedlam Hospital in London during the Victorian age. dVerse Prosery #7 Flash fiction 144 words or less including a line from “Dead Man’s Float”, poem entitled “Cow”, by Jim Harrison – “A cow is screaming across the arroyo.”

15 responses to “dVerse Prosery #7”

  1. This is wonderful, Misky. The doubt is there whether she is “crazed” because it’s what they say and what they say controls her destiny. Her longing is palpable. Beautiful writing.

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  2. This is positively stunning.

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    1. Yours was an excellent sentence choice. Thanks.

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      1. Smiling! Happy you liked it.

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  3. I really love this, and I wonder if the cause of her being put there in the first place was her attraction to women… in the end any madhouse will turn you mad.

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  4. I like the description of the wind “rattling like loose teeth”.


  5. A gem of a write and such a wonderful use of the given phrase!

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  6. Wonderful first sentence and the rest follows so beautifully and sadly. I can just see this all stuffed inside her busy mind and focused heart as she sits silent by that window.


  7. I love so many things about this. My favorite two lines are images are “a sparrow’s voice that’s cracked and shattered like bird seed” and “her heart is a paper boat — afloat.” Original and thought provoking words.

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  8. Well….late to the reading, apologies. I find myself wondering where time flies these days.
    I was so enamored with your post here that I’ve been reading about Bedlam Hospital for the last hour — googling female patients at Bedlam, etc. Quite interesting to read….and horrific at the same time. They topple over in the wind like paper boats on a river….amazing description here. I’d read many years ago the progression of midwifery, to obstetrics and male doctors taking over the birthing process…and now we’re back to midwifery and doulahs and the majority of obgyn doctors being female. Your post here really puts into perspective Bedlam….as an entity they DID things to people. Fascinating post that led me to an institution I was not aware of to the history and mental illness in women (hysteria…etc). A history lesson here.
    Well done!


    1. Not mention how the word bedlam worked into our vocabulary.


  9. Holy molie! I love this! With this treatment, you’ve nailed the prompt:)



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