Day 15

gare du nord

MQ15: One for Paris

There was an odd return, a twinge,
as I stood in Gare de Nord station.
Not that it‘s anything at all like
Paddington or Union Station,

and it wasn’t the tearful embrace
of weekend lovers separating, or
wives waving off their husbands,
neither was it the speedy click and

slap of leather soles on marble
as businessmen were pursued by
their diaries, nor the smell of coffee,
nor hot baguettes with salty butter.

It was that bone-humming rumble
of idling train engines that caused
a twinge of homesickness. You feel
that when you’re alone in Paris.


MQ Day 15 “I am homesick” ©️ Misky 2019 It’s November Poem a Day month. These are 1st drafts. Image “Unsplash”

One response to “Day 15”

  1. Great last line. Been there. Felt that.


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