#2: “Leaves on Water”

I’ve forgotten
the sound
of my father’s voice.

with leaves on water.


Poem form: Ginsberg’s American Sentence
of 17-syllables. 4 Miss B. ©️ Misky 2019

8 responses to “#2: “Leaves on Water””

  1. Sigh. Yes. We’ll remember when we hear them again.

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  2. So touching and a whiff of sorrow.

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    1. I only allow myself a whiff now and then. Eventually everyone has to put their shoes back on.

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      1. You are right. The whiff stays forever but we have to keep on living

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        1. But do please be kind yourself, Debi.


          1. Thanks, Misky. I appreciate your friendship.

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  3. So much yearning and grief here. Whew.


  4. I wish I had a voice to go with some of the folks I lost before memories formed… But again, one must live in the present.


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