for Wednesday Muse

The Night the Sky Turned Lilac

And then the sun set.
It bit the horizon, and disappeared
into a run-on-sentence.

Sometimes, your brain won’t shut off.

The date. The time. Nope, I really
can’t remember. I could, if I tried,
piece it all back together. Diagram
that entire day when she died.

Sometimes, it just doesn’t matter.

They pulled her bones and skin
out of that burning building.
A disco. Exits locked so no one
entered without paying a cover.

A building full of brittle bones.

That night I filled the bathtub,
and sat there until the water
went icy cold. Didn’t feel it.
Didn’t feel anything for days.

I wore a wool coat to the funeral,

froze, even though it was July.
A few days prior, we had watched
fireworks over the lake. Makes it
just after the 4th of July.

I was married that same year.

I was widowed a year later.
He filled a bathtub with hot water,
and then cut both wrists open.
So, I know the year. I was 22.

Sometimes life pieces back
together without even trying.

for Wednesday Muse “Anniversary”

©️ Misky 2019

17 responses to “for Wednesday Muse”

  1. Oh Misky this is heart wrenching. It seems these kind of tragedies and losses almost leave us feeling like we are no longer who we were. My heart goes out to you, and I am so sorry for your loss. Your poem is poignant and lovely.

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    • Carrie, from one day to the next we are never who we once were. Constant change, we’re endlessly adaptable. Reconfigured. We are after all, made from clay. And these events happened a long time ago. They’re a very “old” part of me. x

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  2. Heart wrenching events. I am so sorry you had to endure them.
    Your are one of my favourite writers, Misky…the way your words and phrases burst onto the page without inhibition. This is such an excellent example of that. Brilliant.

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  3. You capture so well the way loss shatters us, how grief cleaves us from ourselves. We have to find a way back to warmth and connection.


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