Twiglet #3: Across the Room


Crumbling Midwinter Light

So here I am,
somewhere under the sun,
although I’ve not seen
even the briefest bit of it today.
Just mist and ice-gripped grass,
and a world made for crisis,
and crumbling midwinter light.

At least the spread
of dust under foot
is less noticeable.
So I do the “noticeable” chores,
and then tidy the plants —
twist off limp blossoms
from my pouting cyclamen,

which collapses like a shadow
as soon as I turn my back on it.
And to think in two weeks
I can start all this over again.
A clean slate.
A fresh start.
Maybe a new cyclamen, too.



Note: my “across the room” is my cyclamen which is very unhappy at the moment because I moved it from its long-standing position. Written for The Twiglet prompt #3

7 responses to “Twiglet #3: Across the Room”

  1. Just mist and ice-gripped grass,
    and a world made for crisis,
    and crumbling midwinter light…. I love that description and the light peeping from around the bend of next year. Here’s hoping

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    1. I must be more optimistic next year. It’s rather difficult to do at the moment. The world is genuine mess.

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      1. That is the ugly truth.

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  2. I love what your poem says about nature and about cycles. They can, indeed, seem a bit repetitious… but there is always novelty and enjoyment to be found. And if we get really, really lucky, we might even get “a new cyclamen, too.”

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    1. It must be the year ending that makes me think about all that. Thanks for reading and leaving me a comment, Magaly.


  3. Yes, Misky… ‘a world made for crisis’… but full of hope too! 😀 (I’d just like to add a quick pre-prepared comment now, as I’m swiftly trying to catch up)
    My visiting, replying, commenting and the like have fallen a little by the wayside of late, for which I apologise, but wanted to call by today and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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    1. So very kind of you, Tom, to stop by with your lovely greetings and wishes. I wish you every happiness for the new year, and a very merry Christmas.

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